Month: May 2013

City of Davis, Tree Davis, and Pacific Gas and Electric Plant Sixty-one Trees to Showcase Right Tree, Right Place in Transmission Right of Way

Volunteers planting trees on Covell Blvd. 2013

Volunteers planting trees on Covell Blvd. 2013

On May 4, Tree Davis volunteers working with volunteers from Pacific Gas and Electric and planted 61 trees back into the neighborhood. The trees picked included crape myrtle, chitalpa, dwarf purple pony, red oak, and blue oak. These trees were picked because they do well in our climate here in Davis and chitalpa, crape myrtle, and dwarf purple pony will grow to a mature height of 15-20 feet leaving clearance under the high voltage power line. Additional red oak and chitalpa were planted along the bike path in front of Nugget.

As part of PG&E’s annual routine work, trees on both private and City owned property along both sides of Claremont Drive that were potentially causing a public safety hazard under a 115kV transmission line have been removed. In the past these trees have been topped, which is a poor arboriculture practice. Trees need space to grow both above and below ground. PG&E asks customers to carefully consider their surroundings when planting trees using “Right Tree, Right Place” methods. Proper selection of trees under or near power lines reduces fire hazards, limits the need for frequent pruning, increases property value and adds beauty to the community. It is recommended that customers choose a tree and location where the ultimate height and spread of the tree will grow no higher than 15 feet tall so the tree will not grow into or interfere with the power lines. Further, the location of underground facilities should be considered as roots may be damaged if underground facilities need to be dug up for maintenance or repairs. To ensure each property owner is able to fully enjoy their newly planted tree PG&E recommends a consultation with a PG&E arborist.

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