Month: August 2014

Drought Tree Care Infographic

Help your trees survive the drought

Trees in Davis and other communities are extremely stressed due to record heat and severe drought. Trees are a long-term investment that benefit us in many ways, including shading our homes and reducing energy costs, raising our property values by upwards of 10-20%, providing beauty, and more (We just enjoy sitting under one!). We are encouraged by those who are working to remove grass areas from their yards in order to conserve water, but remember that your tree needs care during the drought to stay alive. Please use and share our infographic using the share buttons below!

Drought Tree Care Infographic
The ongoing drought is causing severe stress to the trees in Davis and other communities. Stressed trees are more susceptible to disease, pests, and death. Learn how to care for your trees and help them survive the drought!

Thank you to California Urban Forests Council for producing this infographic for our community!

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