Right tree, right place

We should always work to plant the right tree in the right place to ensure we avoid future problems that can be caused by planting the wrong tree in an urban setting, such as:

  • branches becoming entangled in power lines.
  • tree roots uplifting nearby concrete.
  • poor tree health because species is not adapted to our eco-system.

Download our guide to learn about specific trees that fit best in Davis.

Download our recommended tree guide for Davis
Download our recommended tree guide for Davis

Looking for information about a specific tree?

Our favorite tool to look up tree information is SelecTree developed by the Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. With this tool you can look for trees by common name or species and find information such as drought tolerance, water needs, branch strength, litter, use, etc.

More Tree Lists

City of Davis Street Tree Master List
Suggested Trees for Yolo County
Sacramento Tree Foundation’s Greenprint Guide*

*Remember Davis has highly alkaline soils. This means that the soil PH is very basic (the opposite of acidic). So, some trees that grow in Sacramento may not grow as well here. We recommend checking SelecTree to make sure your tree can tolerate highly alkaline soils.

What about water usage?

We recommend planting trees that use low water and / or are drought tolerant. Many of the guides above indicate water usage. If you are looking for water usage on a specific tree or plant, check out Water Use Classification of Landscape Species. Here you can download a spreadsheet containing many trees and plants. The column labeled ‘2’ represents estimated water needs by the plant in the Central Valley (H indicates ‘High’ usage, M is for ‘Medium’ usage, L is for ‘Low’ usage and VL is for ‘Very Low’ usage).