Community Roots, Davis Free Trees.


Welcome to the Tree Davis Free Tree Program. Our goal is to provide the time and materials needed to plant trees in our community.

To sign up for a free tree please look through this page to register. You will be contacted for our next Tree Care Workshop. These workshops are conducted bi-annually (early spring and late fall) to ensure the trees are planted during seasons where they have the greatest chance of survival.

Once you have registered, you will be contacted with a time and place to participate in a tree care workshop and then you can take a free tree home to be planted.

Before you register, use these guidelines to decide if you can have a tree, where to put it and which species you would like to have.

  1. Property owner approval.
  2. Choose locations that avoid conflicts with overhead power lines AND underground utilities. Call 811 before you dig (PG&E) at least two business days before you want to plant your tree.
  3. Choose an appropriate site with proper sun exposure and has enough space.
  4. Choose a species to fit your space by visiting our “Recommended Trees” page.

If you meet ALL criteria then fill out the form below

This page is fully funded by donations from the Cover Your Trax program

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