Cover Your Trax! Carbon Offset Program


Calculate the carbon footprint produced during your vacation travel and donate to offset your carbon by planting trees right here in our community. Tree Davis uses your donations to provide the time and materials to community members seeking to plant trees around their homes.

Offset your carbon

The fastest and safest way to remove carbon from the air is to plant a tree. We cannot think of a better way to remove carbon than by enabling our community to plant trees right here in Davis.  We are targeting vacation travel because we believe our community will be most willing to support that at a minimal expense. Of course, we will not turn down an offer to do more than covering just the luxury level of carbon production but it is a good place to start.

Tree planting and care is key to our mission at Tree Davis and the Cover Your Trax program helps us assist our community in maintaining a healthy urban forest and the high quality of life we have come to appreciate. The program contributions support the purchase, planting, and maintenance of trees that stay within our community by creating a continual supply of free trees that residents can access.  And Tree Davis is there for any and all community members who want to have a tree for their property.

How it works:

1. Calculate your carbon footprint below and donate

2. For each $100 we receive, we will provide community members with:

        • 5-gallon tree
        • a bag of mulch
        • training workshops
        • 2 follow-up discussions with homeowners

3. If you would like to offset your carbon at home, sign up for the Tree Davis Community Roots program, attend a workshop and leave with a tree to plant and care for of your own.

Tree Davis uses funds from Cover Your Trax to hold tree-planting and tree care workshops for the community. Homeowners can visit the Tree Davis Community Roots website to do the initial evaluation of their property to see if they have planting space. If they do, they are encouraged to sign up for the next available workshop to learn how to plant and care for their tree. The dates and locations of those workshops are posted on the registration page. After completing the short training, homeowners will be able to take home a tree to plant!

Calculate Your Footprint


Cover Your Trax calculations are based on industry averages.

Please enter the number of miles for each mode of transportation:

Airline miles: calculate air mileage
Car miles*: calculate car mileage
Rail miles calculate rail mileage
Bus miles calculate bus mileage

Your total carbon footprint is:  
The number of trees needed to plant and grow for 10 years to cover your tracks are:  

*You will notice that car miles are the most carbon-intensive mode of transportation. The high carbon cost is a result of the fuel being used to move the weight of the car and the average number of passengers which is calculated at 1.2 persons/vehicle. Carpool when possible.

Enter your departure city and arrival city below to calculate the mileage between them


Enter your departure and arrival addresses below to calculate the mileage between them


Enter your departure and arrival addresses below to estimate the mileage between them