benefits of trees
2015 Tree Monitoring Report We’ve completed year two of our Bicycle Tree Monitoring internship program. Our 2014-2015 intern, Irona Lee, has been working to monitor recently planted trees.

Benefits of Trees

benefits of trees
Learn about the benefits of growing trees in your community!

Canopy Size

Larger tree canopies yield greater benefits. Cities can maximize the benefits of trees by selecting the largest canopy tree for the available planting space. The surface area of a tree’s leaves covers between 2 and 8 times the area directly covered by the tree. As a result, larger tree canopies result in improved air quality, cooler summer air, greater reduction of storm water, better water quality, and reduced demand for summertime peak electricity.

Air Quality

100 trees remove 5 tons of CO2 and 1,000 lbs of pollutants per year.

Water Quality and Runoff

100 trees save $550 annually in storm water infrastructure costs.

Pavement Longevity

Shaded pavement can last 50% longer before needing resurfacing with slurry seal. This saves our communities $30,000 per mile in road resurfacing costs.

Parking Lots

Cars in shaded parking lots release 18%-21% less hydrocarbon emissions due to heat-induced leakage. Cabin temperatures are up to 60 degrees Fahrenheit lower.

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