Russell Blvd. Bike Path Gets More Trees

Volunteers plant 50 new valley oak seedings along the Russell Blvd. bike path
Volunteers plant 50 new valley oak seedings along the Russell Blvd. bike path

Eight Tree Davis volunteers planted 50 valley oak trees on Saturday, March 16th in honor of Arbor Day. The plantings were done in conjunction with the Russell Blvd. Tree Project which has planted over 400 trees along the Russell Blvd. bike path west of Davis since 2009.

Funding for this planting was provided to Tree Davis by the Sacramento Tree Foundation as part of its California ReLeaf 2013 Arbor Week Tree Planting Grant Program which is done in cooperation with the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

The trees were donated by the L.A. Moran Reforestation Center on Chiles Road in Davis which is managed by Rich Marovich, the Streamkeeper for the Lower Putah Creek Coordinating Committee.

The holes were dug ahead of time by volunteer Dan Garrett of Garrett Landscape Construction, who donated the use of his company’s Bobcat auger.

The water was provided by Phil Kitchen of Three Palms Nursery, which is located near the plantings at the junction of County Road 95 and Russell Blvd.

Many passersby on the bike path have voiced their appreciation to the volunteers as they plant the trees, which is so very nice” reports Janet Mercurio, Coordinator of the Russell Blvd. Tree Project. “But some people have also voiced concern about the trees that are planted directly under the utility lines. I clarify for them that the lines are only telephone lines and not electrical lines, so there is no problem. The telephone company allows trees to grow right through the phone lines with only occasional minor pruning needed.”

Tree Davis and the Russell Blvd. Tree Project are hoping to plant another 36 trees this fall to complete the plantings along the Russell Blvd. Bike Path.

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