Thank you to all of our Sponsors and Partners!


We are beyond grateful to all of our sponsors and partners! Thanks to these great partnerships we continue to grow our community’s urban canopy together. We are thankful to those who continue to support Tree Davis’ mission of planting trees and growing community, and are dedicated to bringing shade, clean air, and beauty to Yolo County. It truly takes a community to plant and care for an urban forest and we are extremely grateful to all of our amazing supporters and partners who make our mission possible!

Major Sponsors

Major Sponsors are individuals who have contributed generous annual donations to Tree Davis, have promoted Tree Davis’ mission, and support our efforts to continue our tree planting/care events throughout the year. Sponsors’ involvement with Tree Davis significantly helps our efforts to expand Yolo’s urban forest.

Don and Julie Saylor - Yolo County Board of Supervisors and wife
Don and Julie Saylor – Yolo County Board of Supervisors and wife
Lois Wolk – One of Tree Davis’ Founders and Former CA State Senator


Ken Wagstaff – Former City of Davis Mayor

Donors (2020)

Tree Davis donations are used to purchase trees, conduct property owner orientations, as well as provide tree care for the first 5 years after a new tree is planted. Additionally, it allows us to create future editions of The Branching Out Newsletter as well as provide educational material for 1,000 of residents (i.e., tree selection guide, downtown tree-walk guides, “how-to” watering, pruning, and mulching guides, etc.).

Want to learn more about how to become a partner with Tree Davis or would like to make a general donation? Please check out our Donate page!

Cedar Partner:

Donations $1,000+

Susan Ellis and Mark Linton
Greg and Adair McPherson
Judith Moores
Ardyth Sokolar
John and Judy Whitcombe
Anonymous Donor


Oak Partner:

Donations $500+

Richard and Joy Dorf
Bill Durell
Jacques and Galia Franco
Ben and Lynette Hart
Peter and Marilyn Moyle
Lois and Bruce Wolk


Pine Partner:

Donations $250+

Dick & Carol Bourne
Kent Bradford and Barbara Zadra
Elizabeth Capell
Robert and Judy Ann Donley
Andy Gagnon
Harry Horner
Maia Kazaks
Jean and Jay Lund
Paul Meyerhoff
William and Nina Marshall
Carlene Ozonoff
Don Saylor
Don Shor
Sharon L. Smith
Debrah Taylor
Luke and Ashley Vitanza
Martha West
Dale and Jane Wierman
Brian Youngs


Gingko Partner:

Donations $100+

Redbud Partner:

Donations $50+


Don and Elizabeth Abbott
Bob and Joanne Andresen
Beulah and Ezra Amsterdam
Lorna Belden
Katrina Boratynski
Stuart Bresnick
Stephen Brown
Henry Burton
Susan and Kent Calfee
Colin & Michelle Cameron
Loren and Susan Carter
Louise Conrad
Sheila Cordrey
Diane Crumley
Stephanie DeGraff-Hunt
Ann and Quin Denvir
Bruce De Terra
Tessa Fojut
Shirley Gao
Cynthia Gerber
Greg and Nan Gorder
Emily Griswold
David Haggerty
Susan Harada
Mike Hart
Nancy Hiestand
Ashley Hill
Barbara and John Hills
Carissa Hirsch
Amy Hoagberg
Laura Hofmeister
Lynne Isbell
Peter Jacobson
Ron and Cheryl Jensen
Peter Kazaks
Paul Kelly
Doug & Elaine Kent
Kenneth Kirsch
Philip C. Kitchen
Walter Kopp
Carol La Russa
Olga A. Levitsky
Anne Lincoln
Petrea Ruth Marchand
John Meyer
Ellen Moriarty
Mary Ann Morris
Laura Petes
Annika Peterson
Alejandra Pineda
Megan Rabin
David Robinson
Rita Samartino
Alan, Rebecca, and Vera Sandronsky-Hirsch
Judith Schreider
Walter Sherwood
Maynard Skinner
Susan Steinbach
Marian Stephenson
Sandra Strong
Binuta Sudhakaran
Carolyn Teragawa
Lynn Terleski-Katz
Eric Vanderbilt
James Wellington
Judith Wydick
Mark Zarins
Kerry & Paul Zinn
Anonymous Donor
Craig and Marcia Benham
Natalie Benjamin
Betty Berteaux
Cristina Buss
Maureen and Dan Carson
Ani Durst
Anais Foley-Kennedy
Lucas & Stacie Frerichs
Clyde and Peggy Froehlich
Robert Fung
Wendell Geis
Thomas and Rebekah Gilpin
Susan Handy
Rosemary Hartman
Stefan Harvey
Stephanie Holstege
Julia Jones
Julia Kazaks
Heidi Laurenson
Eric Lee
Erica Nelson
Paul and Mary Anne Ochs
Carolyn Pfanner
Jesikah Maria Ross
Carrie Shaw
Jessica Skloven
Ron and Petra Unger
Jarold and Kay Warren
Jim and Katherine West
Ruth Williams
Angelina M. Yoon

Corporate Sponsors

All of our corporate sponsors are local to Davis and support our efforts in keeping our community cool and green!


Thank you from all of us here at Tree Davis!
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