Tribute Trees

Trees make wonderful gifts. Honor a friend or loved one by dedicating a tree in Davis.

Give a green gift to celebrate:

  • A Wedding
  • A Birthday
  • A Birth
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • A Graduation
  • Honor a favorite teacher
  • Honor the memory of a dear friend
  • An Anniversary
  • The Holidays

Share your commitment to keeping Davis green, clean, and cool for many years to come.

All donations will be acknowledged in the Tree Davis newsletter. We offer the following dedication services:

  • Donation of any amount — general donation to support tree planting and care.
  • $500 Donation — planting a tree in a Davis park, greenbelt, neighborhood or school ground in honor of a person or event.
  • $1,000 Memorial Grove Donation — planting a tree in the Tree Davis Memorial Grove, plus three years of tree care and installation of a commemorative plaque.  

Dedicate a Tree Today!

Tribute Trees:

Tribute Trees are planted in Davis yards, parks, schools, greenbelts, and neighborhoods. Due to the nature of our work, the trees are not identified with the recipient’s name. When you make a Tree Tribute, your honoree will receive a card with your personalized message, and your name will be printed in our Branching Out newsletter.

Commemorative Trees:

Commemorative Trees are planted in our Memorial Tree Grove at 1515 Shasta Drive. An engraved plaque is installed on a central sculpture in the grove, and you can request a private planting and plaque installation ceremony. In addition, your recipient will receive a card with your personalized message, and your name will be printed in our Branching Out newsletter.


I’m so grateful  for the Tree Tribute program offered by Tree Davis! Losing my mom left such an empty void in my life but planting a living tree in her memory has provided me with so much comfort and peace.  Not only has it given my family and I a place to go and reflect but also provides beauty, health, and happiness to our surrounding park and city.  My mom loved trees and I can picture the smile on her face the day we planted it.  I suspect  this tree will continue to live and provide beauty and shade long after I’ve left this world and that makes me happy. 

Rita Samartino

Huge shoutout to Tree Davis for the opportunity to plant a tree in my grandmother’s honor after her death last year!  During the last few years of her life, we spent many hours discussing what would happen after she was gone.  Unfortunately, that time came sooner than expected but Tree Davis provided the chance to fulfill one of her last wishes – being memorialized with a tree.  At her funeral, I said: “Like a tree, her love is planted in each of our hearts.  The roots are in place to provide the resources needed to keep sharing that intense love with the world.  This tree of love will never die, but continue growing bigger and stronger branches each day as she continues to live on within each of us.”  These words could not be truer – and I extend my deepest gratitude to Tree Davis for giving us the chance to plant her memorial right here in town, where my family and I can visit to keep her memory alive for many years to come!

Tim Samartino

Want to know more? 

Take a look at what our Tribute Trees have to offer through our digital brochure.


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