Tree Davis has proudly served the Davis community since 1992! We are a volunteer and results driven organization that works to expand and enhance our urban forest one tree at a time. With your donation, we will educate more volunteers and expand our urban forest through hands-on tree planting, monitoring, and care.

What does my donation achieve?

$50 – $100 helps us purchase one tree
$150 plants one tree with a tree stake and property owner orientation
$350 plants one tree and provides maintenance for the first five years
$1,000 will allow us to print a future edition of this newsletter
$2,000 will allow us to print educational materials (i.e., tree selection guides, downtown tree walk guides, etc. for 1,000 residents
$10,000 Let’s set up a meeting to talk about how our programs align with your vision for a greener Yolo County!

To become a member, or to make a one-time donation, use the donate button above.

Membership Levels:

  • Giving Tree Partner – under $100
  • Forest Partner – $100 to $249 
  • Heritage Partner – $250 to $499
  • Oak Leaf Partner – $500 and up
another way to give is our tree tribute program.