Thank You to All of Our 2022 Donors
Below is a list of everyone that donated $100 or more to Tree Davis in 2022. We are extremely fortunate to have the support of so many wonderful people. These fine folks are commiting their support to ensure that the communities of Davis and Yolo County are healthy and resilient. We are able to pursue many excellent programs, such as Climate-Ready Landscapes, Community Canopy, Tribute Trees, the Memorial Grove, and more, thanks to these gifts. 

Want to learn more about how  to make a donation to Tree Davis? Please check out our Donate page!

Don & Elizabeth Abbott Dave Fujino Teruko Matsumura
Dawn Adams Robert Fung Lindsay Matteson
Kami Ames Cynthia Gerber Richard McCann
Beulah & Ezra Amsterdam Valerie Gerriets Greg & Adair McPherson
Cindy Anders Thomas & Rebekah Gilpin John Meyer
Leslie Axelrod Greg & Nan Gorder Roberta Millstein
Bernadette Balics Chris & Halley Grain Judith Moores
Craig & Marcia Benham Emily Griswold Marilyn Moyle
Craig & Darren Blomberg Larry Guenther Cassandra Opiela
Jason Bone Dan Gusfield Martha Ozonoff & Doug Krause
Katrina Boratynski Theodore Haard Carlene Ozonoff
Verena & Ray Borton W David Haggerty Jr. Jeffrey Pelz
Dick & Carol Bourne Alisa Haller Tandem Properties
John & Christine Bruhn Ann Halsted Nora Reinert
Susan & Kent Calfee Susan Handy David Robinson
Colin & Michelle Cameron Gabriel Hannen Bill & Nancy Roe
Davis Campbell Kelly & Alexander Harcourt Kathleen Rose
Elizabeth Capell Ben & Lynette Hart Jesikah Maria Ross
Manny & Debbie Carbahal C. Hirsch Jay Schreider
Nancy Carr Amy Hoagberg Steve Shaffer
Brian Charn Paul Hofmann Don Shor
Doreen Cole Laura Hofmeister Jo Souvignier
 Congregation Bet Haverim Lynne Isbell Eva Spiegel
Louise Conrad Teresa & Chris Jacobsen Marian Stephenson
Rebecca & Bruce Conrad Bryan Jenkins Dan Strnad
Brice Corcoran Ron & Cheryl Jensen Sandra Strong
Sheila Cordrey Che Johnson  Symphony Financial Planning
James & Helen Cramer Weldon Jordan Mark & Maria Tebbutt
Bruce De Terra Blaine Juchau Norman Theiss
Ann & Quin Denvir Mary Ann & Victor Jung Teresa Tresp
Tracy DeWit Paul Kelly Luke & Ashley Vitanza
Gerald Dickinson John & Nancy Keltner Philip & Lynn Vitanza
Ann Dillner & Cort Anastasio Philip C.  Kitchen Liza Walsh Cady
Robert & Judy Ann Donley Neil Koehler James Wellington
Torin Dunnavant Walter Kopp Martha West
Susan Ellis & Mark Linton Carol La Russa John & Judy Whitcombe
William & Ruth Ellis Heidi Laurenson Robin Whitmore
Tessa Fojut Anne Lincoln Dale & Jane Wierman
Jacques & Galia Franco Suzanne Livers Lois & Bruce Wolk
Lucas & Stacie Frerichs Kerry Daane Loux Brian & Lia Youngs
Clyde & Peggy Froehlich Petrea Ruth Marchand Barbara Zadra
  Mylon Marshall  

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