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Would you like a free shade tree for your home?

The Community Canopy program is a partnership between the City of Davis and Tree Davis with funds made available by CalFire’s Proposition 68. The program started in July of 2019 and will end in March of 2022. During this period, 1,000 new shade trees will be planted within Davis city limits. Trees are planted in private and public spaces including easements in front yards.

Many of the species in this program are climate-ready trees. Click here to learn more about climate-ready trees.

If you’d like a free tree fill out the form, and take a look at some FAQs at the bottom of this page.


I want a shade tree, how do I get one?

Fill out the online form above and someone will be in touch with more information.

Can I have a shade tree for my backyard?

No, these trees are considered public property as they are planted in the public easement, so they must be planted in the front yard.

What is an easement?

The easement is the 10 feet from the sidewalk into your front yard.

Who is responsible for this tree?

The trees belong to the City of Davis Urban Forestry Division. Tree Davis will perform maintenance and young tree pruning during the first 1-3 years of the tree’s life. After that, it will be maintained on a block pruning schedule by the City of Davis. We ask that homeowners please water the tree during the first few years to ensure the tree establishes properly.

Will this tree ruin my concrete or my sewer lines?

The trees in our program have been selected for this region’s climate and conditions. For the most part, they are drought tolerant. If watered appropriately during their establishment period, this will not occur. Damage like this generally occurs when an incorrect species is selected for the environment and the tree goes looking for what it needs in inconvenient and costly places.

Where can I find resources about how to care for my tree?

Find out more on how to water and mulch your tree here.

What kinds of trees do you offer?

Please contact us directly via the online request form or at to find out what is available. 

What is a climate-ready tree?

Climate-ready trees are species or varieties that can tolerate more drought, higher temperatures, and other environmental changes predicted for our future climate. Introducing these kinds of trees into the landscape will make urban forests healthier and more resilient. Click here to read more about the U.S. Forest Service’s climate-ready tree trials.

Learn about a few of the many climate-ready tree varieties available through the Community Canopy program with the following videos:

  • Emerald Sunshine Elm (Ulmus propinqua ‘JFS-Bieberich’) video
  • Canby’s Oak (Quercus canbyi) video
  • Red Push Pistache (Pistacia x ‘Red Push’) video
  • Texas Red Oak (Quercus buckleyi) video

I don’t have space for a tree, but I want to get involved.

Awesome! You can join us as a volunteer (click here) or donate (click here) to our mission. 


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