Chinese Hackberry

5. Chinese Hackberry 

(Celtis sinensis)

Location: 327 E 9th Street
Nominator: Peter Fuqua

Shade cast by the 56-year old Chinese hackberry tree that arches over 327 E. 9
th Street makes it a real car magnet during summer. According Pete Fuqua, who nominated this tree, its massive umbrella-shaped crown is impossible to miss when walking or driving down the street. The tree is wider (65-ft) than tall (50-ft), with a 7.4-ft girth. This hackberry is native to east Asia and is a member of the hemp family.

Its leaves and bark have medicinal uses, but its summer shade is a welcome relief for local residents.

As long as we remain attentive to its health, this Chinese hackberry tree should provide future generations with an abundance of delight.

Category: Unusual Size
Age: 56
Height: 50 ft
Spread: 65 ft
Girth: 7.4 ft

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