Paradox Walnut

33. Paradox Walnut

(Juglans hindsii x J. regia)
Location: 317 E. 8th St.
Nominator: Larry Guenther

One of the most visible trees in Davis is the Paradox walnut that stands in front of the Lutheran Church at 317 E. 8th St. Its enormous branches defy gravity, sweeping downward and then lifting upward to the sky. The crown spreads 90 feet, greatly exceeding its height (65 ft). This tree was probably planted by active congregation member Harold Forde who, along with Eugene Serr, began the walnut breeding program at UC Davis in 1948. Luther Burbank produced the first Paradox walnut by cross-pollinating our native black walnut with English walnut. He named it Paradox because it displayed traits uncommon to both parents, such as rapid growth, few walnuts, and very strong wood.

Category: Unusual Species

Height: 65 ft

Spread: 90 ft

Girth: 11.0 ft

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