Climate-Ready Landscapes

Tree Davis Memorial Grove Turf Conversion

Ever since it was constructed in 2001, the greenbelt south of University Retirement Community (URC) has been designated as the Tree Davis Memorial Grove. Originally intended as a site for memorial and commemorative tree plantings, Tree Davis found over the ensuing decades that many of the park’s shrub plantings were excessively vigorous and not compatible with healthy tree growth. Starting in 2019, Tree Davis began an initiative to renovate the grove as a “Climate-Ready Landscape” pilot project, that transitions conventional landscape shrub plantings to native and drought tolerant species with a greater likelihood of thriving in our changing climate. New plantings have been selected for their beauty, wildlife habitat value, and compatibility with the growth of young trees. New tree plantings have focused on climate-ready selections that have proven heat and drought tolerant.

Proposed turf conversion sites within the Tree Davis Memorial Grove.

Landscape renovations began in 2019, focusing first on overgrown shrub areas. As drought conditions have worsened, Tree Davis has worked with the City of Davis to identify underutilized turf areas to convert to Climate-Ready Landscapes. Conversion of turf areas will conserve water, increase wildlife habitat, and open up space for the planting of more Climate-Ready trees. The turf conversion process for the areas marked above is slated to begin in the spring of 2023.

What are Climate-Ready Landscapes?


California has lost over one million acres of natural area in the last 20 years. Climate-Ready Landscapes restore biodiversity in cities, thereby promoting local food webs and wildlife. At the same time, they increase the resilience, functionality, and beauty of public landscapes where most people live.

Climate-Ready Landscapes consist of ground covers, understory shrubs and overstory trees. Each landscape tier has plant species that are heat and drought tolerant, pest resistant, and attractive for wildlife; including many native species. Together, these layers form habitat for all forms of life, including humans.


  • Reduced irrigation
  • Improved canopy cover for reduced urban heat island
  • Increased community engagement in climate change adaptation strategies
  • Improved wildlife habitat value
  • Increased carbon storage in tree/shrub biomass
  • New partnerships with the city of Davis, schools, UC Davis, and neighborhood groups
  • Reduced mowing, weeding, pruning, and shearing
  • Improved stormwater capture and management
  • New landscape models for adoption elsewhere

Support Our Vision

Tree Davis is requesting your support to make this vision a reality. With your assistance, we can replicate the Climate-Ready Landscape conversions we are undertaking in the Tree Davis Memorial Grove in landscapes throughout Davis and the region. 

We need your support to:

  • Purchase plants – about $2,000-3,000 for each mini-grove 
  • Create signs that explain water savings and other benefits of the projects – $1,000
  • Pay for weekly summer watering during establishment by our Specialists – $2,000
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