Sweet Olive

27. Sweet Olive

(Osmanthus fragrans)
Location: 939 Pecan Pl.
Nominator: Warren Roberts
Sweet olive (photo courtesy of Don Shor)

Sweet olive is an evergreen shrub or small tree native to Asia with extremely fragrant flowers that smell like ripe peaches. Although very popular in Japan and China where it is the “city tree” of several municipalities, it is unusual in Davis. The sweet olive planted by the late Dr. Andrew Leiser at his home on 939 Pecan Pl. has grown into a 30-ft tall tree. Leiser was one of the finest plantsmen in California and studied woody plants with horticultural potential. Sweet olive was one of these. With a girth of nearly 4 feet, this tree is enormous for its kind, and when in flower its delicious scent permeates the neighborhood.

Category: Unusual Species

Height: 30 ft

Spread: 25 ft

Girth: 3.9 ft

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