Canary Island Pine

26. Canary Island Pine

(Pinus canariensis)
Location: 43351 Almond Lane
Nominator: Mont Hubbard
Mont Hubbard mounting the nest he built with his daughter at the top of the 96-ft tall Canary Island pine tree.
This Canary Island pine towers above the neighborhood.

The Canary Island pine towers 96 feet above Mont Hubbard’s home. It is located at 43351 Almond Lane, in what was an almond orchard before the Willowbank subdivision was developed in 1947.  Its hefty trunk has a girth of 15 feet and supports a massive crown that spreads 70 feet. It was planted about 65 years ago when the home was built. The tree has sheltered owls and attracted hawks. About 15 years ago a nest was blown out of the tree. Hubbard and his daughter built a hawk nest and climbed high into the crown to secure it. They are still waiting for new neighbors to call it home.

Category: Unusual Size

Age: 65

Height: 96 ft

Spread: 70 ft

Girth: 14.9 ft

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