Valley Oak

20. Valley Oak

(Quercus lobata)
Location: 501 Oak Ave.
Nominator: Warren Roberts

The Valley oak at 501 Oak Ave. is the largest tree measured during the Great Tree Search. It’s 21-ft girth slightly exceeds that of the 380-year-old giant along old Putah Creek in south Davis. This oak is 120-ft tall with similar crown spread. It was over 200 years old when European immigrants began to settle here in the 1840s. This massive living landmark can be called a “Witness Tree,” an expression for trees that rested at the corners of parcels when surveyors divvied up land. Oak Ave. was likely named for this tree. Hopefully it will continue to grace the neighborhood with its uncommon beauty for generations to come. 

Category: Unusual Size

Height: 120 ft

Spread: 120 ft

Girth: 20.9 ft

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