Orchid Tree

30. Orchid Tree

(Bauhinia x blakeana)
Location: 648 D St.
Nominator: Marian Stephenson
Orchid Tree (painting and photo courtesy of Marie-Therese Brown)

At 648 D St., there is a tree that goes unnoticed except when it’s flowers. The 35-ft tall orchid tree has died back from cold snaps and sprouted several times. The four scarred stems are testaments to their tenacity. In spring the light pink orchid-like flowers are spectacular, and their fragrance intoxicates. A wonderful watercolor painting by local artist Marie-Therese Brown aptly captures the delicate beauty of these flowers. The twice lobed leaves are interesting as well. This Great Tree is truly a hidden gem.

Category: Unusual Species

Height: 35 ft

Spread: 40 ft

Girth: 3.9 ft

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