Cork Oak

16. Cork Oak

(Quercus suber)

Location: 240 2nd Street
Nominator: Craig Reynolds

Cork oak are native to the Mediterranean region, and are pyrophytes – meaning their insulating cork bark allows them to survive fires.

Davis has more than its share of enormous cork oaks but few if any can compare to the prodigious size of the tree on 2
nd St., across from the Black Bear Diner. This titan is wider (85 ft) than tall (75 ft) with a 12.5-ft girth. Its pendulous branches reach across the street, while its thick trunk is splayed across much of the sidewalk. As nominator Craig Reynolds notes, “the corky bark is right there to touch.” He admires its well-balanced crown and ability to thrive in an entirely urban environment.

Harvesting the cork remains one of the few activities that depends solely on human labor because of the skill required. Stop by this tree and admire its stature, resilience, and spongy bark.

Category: Unusual Size
Height: 74 ft
Spread: 84 ft
Girth: 12.5 ft

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