Mexican Evergreen Oak

28. Mexican Evergreen Oak

(Quercus rysophylla)
Location: 1324 Torrey St.
Nominator: Lucy B Della Rosa

The Mexican evergreen oak planted by the late UC Davis professor John Tucker is another one of Davis’ arboreal legacies. Tucker was a world-renowned oak expert whose research led to the Shields Oak Grove at the UCD Arboretum. Oddly, in Davis this species is only found in the backyard of his former residence at 1324 Torrey St. Its acorns are prized by collectors. The tree is 50-ft tall, with a 30-ft spread and 4.5-ft girth. Its interesting foliage, drought tolerance, and resistance to disease and pests make it a good choice for contemporary landscapes.

Category: Unusual Species

Height: 50 ft

Spread: 30 ft

Girth: 4.5 ft

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