10. Ginko (Ginkgo biloba)

Location: 913 Kent Drive
Nominator: Darrell Rash

Perhaps inspired by this tree, neighbors have planted other ginkgos along the street to replicate its splendor.


This 1974 photograph shows the Rash’s two children playing in the snow next to the recently planted and staked ginkgo tree.

In the early 1970’s the city planted ginkgo trees in the front yards of new homes along Kent Drive, near Covell and Anderson Roads. Many of the trees died and were being replaced. Darrell Rash’s family lived in one of the first homes built on Kent Drive. The top of their new tree broke out, but a small lateral branch bent upward to take its place. The Rash family saw something promising in that twisted stem, and convinced the city crew not to remove and replace their tree. Over the ensuing 45 years that ginkgo tree has thrived and now stands as a landmark along the street. It is 60-ft tall with a girth of 5.3 feet. Every fall the Rash family enjoys the foliage’s buttery yellow color, and the beautiful patterns made on the ground after falling all at once.

Ginkgos are notoriously slow growing, but can live a very long time. Thanks to the efforts of the city, as well as past and current Kent Dr. residents, future generations will enjoy the many wonders that mature gingko trees have to offer.    

Category: Unusual History
Age: 46    
Height: 60 ft     
Spread: 40 ft     
Girth: 5.2 ft

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