Mexican Blue Palm

29. Mexican Blue Palm

(Brahea armata)
Location: 2136 Dinosaur Pl.
Nominator: Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly’s backyard contains palms from around the world, but the Mexican blue palm is his pride and joy. This 70-year old tree was transplanted by crane (it weighed 10,000 pounds) 7 years ago from a site in West Sacramento. Now it is 30-ft tall and the stout trunk has a girth of 6.1 feet. It is believed to be the largest of its kind in Davis. The Mexican blue palm is known for its distinctly bluish fronds and white flower stalks that arch well beyond the crown. This fan palm is native to Baja California and drought tolerant. The photo shows the tree as seen from Shasta Dr.

Category: Unusual Species

Age: 70

Height: 30 ft

Spread: 15 ft

Girth: 6.1 ft

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