Scarlet Oak

8. Scarlet Oak

(Quercus coccinea)

Location: 518 Antioch Drive
Nominator: Alan Hirsch

During the dog days of summer, neighbors are grateful for a shady spot to park their cars.

The family that lives at 518 Antioch Drive loves the summer shade cast by the magnificent scarlet oak tree in front of their home. According to Rob Cain, Davis Urban Forest Manager, the tree was planted in 1972. It stands 96-ft tall and has a 100-ft wide crown that spreads across the street. Its girth is 10.5 ft. This scarlet oak
was nominated by Alan Hirsch because of its size and brilliant red fall color.

Luckily this sizable tree provides ample shade for many people and their vehicles to enjoy. A native of the eastern US, it is not as drought tolerant as Texas red oak, its cousin from the west Texas hill country.

Category: Unusual Size
Age: 47
Height: 96 ft
Spread: 100 ft
Girth: 10.5 ft

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